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Anglers Cited in Louisiana for Possession of 40 Bass

On July 16 in Terrebonne Parish, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents cited two men for alleged recreational fishing violations.

The agents cited Jordan C. Conerly, 25, of Magnolia, Miss., and Tyler J. Smith, 19, of Labadieville, for possessing over the limit of bass and not possessing basic fishing licenses. On top of those citations, the agents also cited Smith for having improper boat numbers, failing to change ownership of a vessel in 45 days and failing to comply with boating education requirements.

Agents received a complaint about two men fishing from a vessel in Donner Canal possessing over the limit of black bass on July 16. Agents setup surveillance in the area and found Conerly and Smith trailering their boat at the boat launch.

When the agents made contact with the men, they found they had possession of 40 black bass and did not possess a basic fishing license. The daily limit for black bass in Donner Canal is 10 bass per licensed fishermen.

Possessing over the limit of black bass carries a $100 to $350 fine and up to 60 days in jail. Fishing without a basic fishing license, failing to change ownership in 45 days, having improper boat numbers and failing to take a boating education course brings up to a $50 fine and 15 days in jail for each offense.

The men may also face civil restitution totaling $537 for the replacement value of the illegally taken fish.

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