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Watch: Florida Man’s 60-Second Tutorial on Catching and Cooking Shark

When he isn’t making hotel room or airplane bathroom cuisine, Barfly7777 is your run-of-the-mill Florida man — sort of. In his latest video, the social media cook shares his DIY tutorial for catching and cooking shark. 

Because he does more “show” than “tell,” Barfly7777’s process is: catch a small fish as bait for a bigger fish (what turns out to be a spinner shark), humanely kill it and then gut it, put it on ice, inject it with marinade (margarita mix?), chop off the tail and run a spit through it, cook it on 500 degrees until it’s done, and finally, eat it with your bare hands. 

In the comments, Barfly7777 said that shark is “great but u need to kill it instant and gut right away then throw on ice. The cool thing is it’s just like a huge piece of meat with little waste.” 

For a version with more b-roll, check out Barfly7777’s TikTok channel

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