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Bass Fishing: How to Select the Proper Plastic Bait

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right size plastic bait for bass fishing. While this selection can often be intuitive, there are some common denominators to selection.

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Meal Matching

Observe live local forage & present a similar profile:

  • Check the livewell for regurgitated meals
  • Feel a fish’s belly for large or small prey
  • Look under docks at the ramp
  • Turn over shoreline rocks
  • Google the indigenous forage and check the average sizing


  • General lethargy common to post-frontal days typically calls for the smallest version a particular bait
  • Aggressive, more active fish often requires a more substantial profile

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Water Clarity

  • Smaller baits for clearer water
  • bigger baits for dirtier habitat

Fish Size

  • Don’t overthink – give the fish appropriately sized meals


  • When the water is cold, sometimes less action is more appropriate
  • Like wise in the summer, choose a bait that looks alive so you can fish it fast with a lot of action

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