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Woman Angler Catches an 88-Pound Catfish in Tennessee [VIDEO]

New Fishing Reel helps bring in an 88-Pound Catfish

The audio is a little muffled since the two anglers are facing away from the camera, and some of the language is definitely not meant for sensitive ears, but we’ve all said a few of these phrases throughout our fishing days.


The little dance she does as they finally pull that catfish monster on the boat is something every angler can relate to; the rush of emotion as we realize that our catch is not just a good catch, but a really really great catch!

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“I’ve never in my life seen a fish this big,” she says as she tries to catch her breath from the adrenaline rush. And they both can’t wait to weight this catfish monster! The first attempt at weighting it brings it in at 80 lbs, but she’s convinced it has to be more. So her partner weights it again, this time getting a better position and grip. She’s caught a whopping 88-pound catfish! That amount of weight clearly breaks the angler’s net. We did laugh when she asked him if he’s sure it’s 88-pounds.

“Oh that’s a nice fish, look how wide it is.” Looks like her brand new reel got broken in real good and brought home a hell of a catch; an 88-pound catfish isn’t something you see often!

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