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All-new BioSpawn ExoPod from Catch Co.

The creators of BioSpawn Lures, Catch Co., are expanding their product line with the all-new release of the BioSpawn ExoPod – which is available now to all customers.

The new BioSpawn ExoPod combines the best-performing features of the other BioSpawn baits, following the ever-popular BioSpawn ExoSwim which was released back in 2018.

“The BioSpawn ExoPod is an incredible addition to an already well-rounded soft plastic lineup. Versatility is the key word with this new lure that excels as a jig trailer, flippin’ and pitchin’ bait, swing head, and more. For anglers looking for a compact craw plastic with subtle action and straight-out-of-the-lab look, the ExoPod deserves a spot in their arsenal,” said Matt Kestufskie, Brand Manager for Catch Co.

The lifelike BioSpawn ExoPod is built for versatility and features a sectioned bait fish body similar to the ExoSwim, with craw appendages similar to those found on the other BioSpawn lures. The all-new ExoPod also features a hook slot channel intended to help protect the hook point and slip through cover with ease. It also includes BioScent – a proprietary mixture of anise and other compounds found on all baits within the lineup.

Being versatile, the ExoPod lure can be Texas rigged, used on an EWG or on the back of a swim jig, spinnerbait or bladed jig during the spring for a lifelike presentation. ExoPod bait also can be trimmed down for an even further compact trailer for a finesse jig, or it can be kept intact for a punch rig.

The BioSpawn ExoPod can be used for fishing on a bait casting setup, on a 10-15-pound fluorocarbon, or a 20-65 pound braid.

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