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Barebones Little Big Horn Tent Review

The Barebones Little Big Horn Tent is perfect for extended camping trips and even temporary shelter. The massive size easily fits 6-8 people comfortably with sleeping bags. If you want to glamp it up, you can fit two queen size air mattresses comfortably.

Appearance: Being 9.4 feet wide by 10.5 feet deep and 8 feet high, this tent is very big and spacious. Incredible head room with the 8 foot ceilings making it easy to move around while standing and get in and out with no problem. Two windows on each side and a large screen door offers incredible ventilation.

barebones little big horn tent
Barebones Little Big Horn Tent

Ease Of Use: Being the first time setting up a frame tent this large, I was very shocked that it only took 30 minutes. No tools were needed as the poles snapped together very easily. The instructions were very concise and easy to follow. The bottom of the tent has flaps to stake down that fold down and away from the tent to prevent debris from entering the tent. The floor is a separate piece that wraps around the frame and attaches to the side walls of the tent. This makes it easy to wash the floor separate from the rest of the tent when you are done using it.

Durability: This tent is very durable compared to a pup or dome tent. The frame is made out of interlocking steel poles with a canvas made of 300 denier UV treated Nylon blend engineered for outdoor exposure. Wall contraction offers plenty of room for families. We fit our Disc-O bed bunk cots inside. The additional all weather cover fits the top of the tent perfectly and provides 100% UV protection.

Value: The Barebones Little Big Horn is retailed around $800. If you compare this price to many other premium 8 person dome tents with extra room, $800 is a great value for a framed tent of this size. This tent is heavy and comes in two duffle sized bags, so it is ideal if you had an SUV or pull-behind trailer when you travel out to your campsite.

barebones little big horn tent
Barebones Little Big Horn Tent

barebones little big horn tent
Barebones Little Big Horn Tent

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