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Best Products at ICAST 2021: Huk

Huk Fishing Apparel just came out with an A1A collection for 2022. The A1A collection is named after the highway that stretches down the Florida Keys. This highway has some of the most coveted fishing grounds in the entire nation. A variety of styles give you the coverage you need, from short sleeves to hoodies.

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The Huk Fishing Apparel’s A1A hoodie has the most breathable fabric in the line. This hoodie is perforated, has a poly-spandex combo, is exceptionally stretchy, and moves with you. It is UPF50+ and has a built-in neck gaiter and hood for some extra sun protection.

Huk’s A1A woven shirt is entirely perforated. It has chest pockets and has a spot for you to roll your sleeve up. This woven shirt is excellent for fishing, so you do not have to keep on rolling your sleeves up throughout the day. Like the A1A hoodie, this woven shirt has the most breathable fabric in the entire A1A line.

The A1A shorts are the shorts that do it all. They are super breathable with the perforation throughout the short. An adjustable waistband will keep these shorts from falling off, which no one wants when fishing. It is a great short for on or off the water and has a plier pocket perfect for fishing. In the back, it has a magnetic fold for your back pockets that will keep them secure at all times.

Features for the A1A line: 

  • I.C.E Technology
  • Sun Protection 
  • Wind Resistant 
  • Cooling Fibers 
  • Superior Breathability 
  • Stretch 
  • Anti-Microbial 
  • Quick Driving

For more information, visit: https://www.hukgear.com/

Huk Fishing Apparel
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