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Seal Sneezes Sound Like Farts, and It’s Hilariously Cute

Did you know that seal sneezes sound a lot like farts? Most people probably don’t have any reason to know that, but polar photographer John Bozinov does. In fact, he seems to capture seal sneezes on video pretty frequently. Put some of those seal sneezes together into a compilation, and you get a pretty hilariously cute wildlife video.

Most seals are cute no matter what they do (adult male elephant seals might be an exception, and maybe leopard seals too, because they’re far too fierce to be “cute”). But, in general, these pinnipeds are adorable. They haul out on land to rest and get around by hopping or “galumphing”—and yes, that’s the actual word for it.

When they’re not swimming or galumphing around on land, they’re lying around like seal sausages. And when they sneeze, well, watch and listen for yourself:

Honestly, though, how often does Bozinov have to wipe seal snot off his camera lens? That last sneeze sent snot flying into space.

Did you know seal sneezes sound like farts? Now you do!

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