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Check out the Finalists for the 2023 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

Sometimes, when you take your camera out into nature, you get amazing images of the natural world. And sometimes, you just get hilarious pictures.

Every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards puts on a contest showcasing funny photos of animals. The goal is to inspire people, make them laugh, and spread conservation messages.

The 2023 finalists have been announced, including these gems. Read to the end for information on how to see all the finalists and vote for your favorite.

First, there’s this monkey that clearly has zero cares in the world:

Next, there’s this hilarious fish-person:

Here’s a bossy bird:

Something spooked this kangaroo, but we can’t stop laughing:

This owl needs a camping trip, stat:

Which one’s your favorite? View all the 2023 finalists and vote for the People’s Choice Award here.

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