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The Outdoors.com Community Shares Winter Weather Photos From Around the U.S.

Winter weather photos of icy conditions, strong winds, and freezing storms dominated the headlines this week as an arctic blast froze most of the country. There hasn’t been much time to thaw out, and now a second round of extreme cold is coming through the U.S. 

Along with the cold came power outages in the Pacific Northwest. Other areas saw multiple car pile-ups from icy roads. Authorities are reporting several deaths related to the weather in different places around the U.S. The next batch of cold weather also comes with moisture, meaning the chance for snow. Weather officials predict the heaviest snowfall so far this winter.

It’s been hard to get outdoors unless you truly love winter sports. Many are stuck at home, thinking of warmer days. 

We asked our Facebook followers to share the winter weather they’re seeing, and we received a flood of replies.

Here are a few of our favorite images:

winter photos
Mentor, OH. (Source: Patty Feiss)
images of arctic blast
(Source: Jackie Frye)
january weather
Zion National Park. (Source: Wendy Mackey Evans)
winter weather photos
(Source: Sylvia Maass)
light snow
Troutdale, OR. (Source: Thomas Zitting)
winter pictures
(Source: Craig Banister)
florida in the winter
Brooksville, FL, proves that not all winter weather photos are the same. (Source: Mike Allen)

Check out the post for all the images here.

Are you looking to get outdoors in the cold? Here are some tips:

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