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Big Spring RV Camp in Missouri

Big Spring RV Camp in Missouri

Camp Missouri: I’m talking with John today. He’s going to tell us all about Big Spring RV Camp in Missouri. How’s it going today, John?

John: Doing great. How about you, Clint?

Camp Missouri: I’m having a great day. Maybe you could start off by telling us about how long Big Spring RV Camp has been there and how you got started.

John: Big Spring RV Camp was established in the early 1980s. We started it as a family business, and it continues that way today. When we started out, it was just a few riverfront RV spaces with full hook-ups and we developed it from there.

Camp Missouri: Okay, and what types of camping do you offer there in addition to RV? Do you guys have tent camping?

Big Spring RV Camp was established in the early 1980s

John: Yes, we do tent camping and RV camping. We cater to families. We’re kind of an in-between campground. We’re not a Monastery. You can drink a beer here, but you know, it’s also not a party campground. We have quiet hours and you have to respect others.

Camp Missouri: Sure. And what are the most popular activities for guests there at the Park?

John: Well, we’re located on the banks of Current River. It’s a crystal clear, spring fed stream within the Ozark National Scenic River ways.

Camp Missouri: Wow.

John: A lot of those popular activities relate to activities along the river, such as floating the river on tubes, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, watching wildlife, such as blue herons, ducks, river otters, and bald eagles, etc.

Camp Missouri: Sure. I absolutely love river tubing. How long are the floats there?

John: We have all different lengths, ranging from if you wanted to do ten miles, which is really long, down to three and a half miles or even less. So, what we do is we cater and try to meet the needs of our visitors so that they have a good time. We’ve even got one float where you float back to here. You’re a little over halfway and if you’ve had enough, you can get out or you can continue down, floating downriver.

Camp Missouri: Oh, that’s kind of nice. What are some of your favorite attraction in and around that area?

John: Okay. The fractions. Her name is Big Spring RV Camper List, and three miles to three and a half miles from Big Spring, the largest single-outlet spring in the world.

Camp Missouri: Wow.

John: That’s the main attraction here. The biggest. There are also several other areas, such as Rocky Falls, which is close by. Greer Spring, which is a middle of the wilderness-type area. That’s the second largest spring in the State of Missouri. There are additional springs. Blue Spring. Ally Spring Mill. Bowling Springs Mill. Peck Ranch Wildlife Area. There’s caves in the area. We have some zip lines.

Camp Missouri: Very cool.

Big Spring RV Camp
Big Spring RV Camp

John: Here, at Big Spring RV Camp. Close by. There’s also Bonne Terre Mine, which is not too far from here. It’s the world’s largest manmade caverns. It’s used to be a lead mine in the early 1900s.

Camp Missouri: Oh, okay. Now, the springs are on there. Do people go swimming in those?

John: You cannot swim in the spring granges, but you can go see them, walk up to them, and then float into the river.

Camp Missouri: Oh, okay.

John: In Springs, they’re so cold you wouldn’t be able, you know, till they get in the river and kind of mix with the river water.

Camp Missouri: It wouldn’t be very comfortable. Two more questions for you, John. If you could spend just one hour in Big Spring RV Camp, how would you spend your time there?

John: Well, it would be something along the river, and specific activities depend on the time of year.

Camp Missouri: Sure.

John: In the summer, people want to be in the river, fishing or swimming, or floating. In the fall and the spring, they like to hike along the river, or sit and watch the wildlife, and that sort of thing. It’s too cold to be in the river.

Camp Missouri: Okay. And if you could spend just one night at Big Spring RV Camp, which particular site would you stay at and why?

John: Well, I would pick one of our RV sites that are right on the riverbank. And personally, I like to be right on the bank of the river because, if I’m not in the river, I like to see what’s going on. And it does sometimes get the blue herons and that sort of thing, and the view.

Camp Missouri: Sure. It sounds like you could just throw a bobber right from your campsite.

John: Yeah, you’re right on the riverbank.

Camp Missouri: Cool. It sounds like a lot of fun. Well, John, thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to chat with us about Big Spring RV Camp in Missouri.

John: Thank you.

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