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Lake George RV Park NY

Lake George RV Park NY

Camp New York: I’m talking with Samantha today. She’s the Assistant Manager over at Lake George RV Park in New York. Samantha, why don’t we start with how long Lake George RV Park has been there and how it got started?

Samantha: It opened in the spring of 1966. It was founded by Victor and Jessica King. It’s still family owned and operated to this day. Our 2014th season will be our 48th season.

CNY: That’s a long time.

Samantha: It is.

CNY: How do you keep people coming back for 48 years? What’s the secret to that?

Lake George RV Park
Lake George RV Park

Samantha: I think we just have a great generation-based business. A lot of people come back year after year. We’ve had grandparents bring their grandchildren. Parents bringing their children. A lot of our repeat customers, like I said, are generated-based, and then we always have new people. Word of mouth is just a great way to get our business out there and our name.

CNY: So there are a lot of people probably throughout the year who are chatting about when they’re going to go to Lake George next, because it sounds like for a lot of people it becomes somewhat of a tradition perhaps.

Samantha: Exactly, yes.

CNY: Well, first, what types of camping do you guys offer there? Do you have tent all the way up to RV or is it just RV?

Samantha: We are strictly an RV Park only. We also have 24 on-site RV rentals. They’re 40-foot park model trailers. So, if you do not have an RV, you can absolutely rent one of ours to stay in.

CNY: That’s pretty cool. And what kind of prices do those come with?

Samantha: Usually, during our peak summertime, those have to be rented for a seven-night minimum. They would run anywhere from $1750 to $1855 for the week.

CNY: Okay, and how many people can stay in them?

Samantha: Up to six adults. It will allow eight people if two of the people are ages five and under.

CNY: Okay, so that’s pretty reasonable if you’re splitting that amongst six adults for a nice vacation in a great location. Now, what are some of the most popular activities at the RV Park there for guests?

Lake George RV Park
Lake George RV Park

Samantha: I would say one of our biggest activities is we actually have a French Mountain Playhouse, which is a theater. Every night in the summer we have live entertainment five nights a week that will be in our French Mountain Playhouse. We’ve had world class magicians. We’ve had people featured on Disney Cruise line. Ventriloquist. That’s a really big drawing point and that’s complimentary to guests. There’s no extra free involved. They can just go right down there. Eight ‘o clock the show starts. The door is always open at 7:30. And it is about a 300-seat theater.

CNY: Wow, and it’s every night.

Samantha: Yes. And when we don’t have that, we have Bingo Night. We have a picnic pavilion and we have free camper Bingo, which is a huge draw as well for families.

CNY: Okay. What are some of your favorite attractions in and around that area?

Samantha: The lake is just a gorgeous natural beauty itself. There’s a quaint little town around it. A lot of your little shops. Great restaurants. A lot of people love – we have a Six Flags right down the street from us. That’s a very big attraction. We also have an Outlet Shopping Center right around the corner from us as well. So, everybody loves to shop. Well, most people anyway.

CNY: Okay, two more questions for you, Samantha.

Samantha: Sure.

CNY: If you could spend just one hour at Lake George RV Park, how would you spend your time there?

Samantha: That is a great question. I think I would ride our trolley all around the Park.

CNY: Cool.

Samantha: We have two trolleys. We have one that goes around the Park and that will actually exit to the Outlet Shopping Centers and bring you back. That’s complimentary. Then we have the town trolley, which will actually take you to and from Lake George. There’s a minor fee with that. It’s $1.75 per person round trip. But because our Park is so big and there’s so much to see and there’s so much to do, I think it’d be a great thing for people who have never been here just to ride that trolley to really familiarize yourself with the Park and where everything is.

CNY: Awesome. And if you were going to spend just one night in Lake George RV Park, which particular site would you pick and why?

Samantha: Our Park is divided into three basic areas. My favorite area would be Woodland Drive. There is some pull-through sites back there, and I like it because it’s a little bit more secluded, a little bit more by itself. It’s quiet and you still have that campy Adirondack feel when you’re back there.

CNY: Perfect. Thank you so much, Samantha, for taking some time out of your day to provide some great information to our visitors about Lake George RV Park in New York.

Samantha: You are very welcome.

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