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Bullet 16 Review and Duracell’s Perfect Pack Giveaway

Those at Duracell have worked with the world famous free climber Kevin Jorgeson, to create a top-notch review/giveaway pack just for you!

Included in the Perfect Pack is:

  • Bullet 16 Backpack
  • Icon headlamp
  • AA batteries
  • AAA batteries
Duracell Perfect Pack
The Bullet 16 Backpack

The Bullet 16 Backpack

Appearance– The Bullet 16 from Black Diamond Equipment is a sleek and sturdy pack that comes in a couple differed colors. You can sport a black or deep torch red bag on any adventure you may need to bring it along. It has a very simplistic look with two zippered pouches and the logo on the front. It’s very clean cut.

Durability– This bag may be a touch smaller than others, but it doesn’t lack in durability. It’s tough enough to travel through any terrain or experience it may need to go. It’s made of both nylon and Ballistic nylon that is tough enough to last.

Functionality– This is a very versatile bag as it is equipped with two large pockets for carrying, an internal mesh zippered pocket to hold important items, a hydration hose port that holds 16 L, and it’s removable from it’s foam back panel. It has just the right amount of space to carry all you would need on a day hike or climb with optimal organization. The bag also has tuck-able shoulder straps and an easy-to-remove webbing hip belt.

Bullet 16 Backpack
The Bullet 16 Backpack

Ease of Use– The Bullet 16 on-route bag is so simple and easy to use, which makes your activity much more enjoyable. It’s size and durability allow you make it through tight spaces easily and if you’re a climber, it won’t interfere with the crux lead.

Value– This bag is sold online for $54.95

Icon Headlamp:

This lamp is great and very easy to use. It’s protected against water immersion down to 3.3 ft for 30 minutes and is the most powerful headlamp for professionals made by Black Diamond. It has full strength, dimming, strobe and red night vision features and puts out 320 lumens of QuadPower on its highest setting. Another great feature to the light settings is you don’t have to cycle through your white modes to get to the red night-vision mode. The light is ultra powerful and can reach up to 100 meters. The Icon lamp will last for 75 hours, holds 4 AA batteries and there is a three-level power meter to let you know when your AA’s need to be replaced. You can purchase the lamp online for $89.95.

The Icon Headlamp will make sure your path is fully lit on any adventure you may seek out.


To see Kevin’s story of how he was first introduced to climbing by his father check out this video.

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