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Wigwam Fusion Sock Collection Overview

Overview: The Wigwam Fusion Sock Collection features a liner knit on the inside of the sock which moves moisture from the inside out. A gor-tex bladder on the inside of the shoe has to have moisture being pushed through it to work and Fusion works better than anything else.

There are four styles for Fusion. The first style Wigwam is doing is a no-show, probably one of the best no-shows in the market. There is a polypropylene liner that is knit on the inside of that sock. So that is a hydrophobic yarn that pushes moisture on the outside. There’s wool and nylon on the outside. Wool for warmth, and nylon for durability. A little tab back protects the back of the Achilles.

There are two quarter socks that Wigwam is doing, there is Rebel Fusion Trekker, also with a liner on the inside of it and a little top interest here to show above the top of the shoe, with a little dotted stripe. The second quarter also has top interest to it, with a color block and stripe pattern to it. Again with a liner knit on the inside.

And the newest of the series is being done in a new crew with that same stripe and color blocking. The last style in the collection is actually a compression style. So it is tighter at the ankle and more relaxed at the top. It has a liner down in the foot, so it’s great for a tall boot and tired feet and legs. That’s Rebel Fusion collection. For more information and the view the entire Wigwam product line, check out their website here.

Manufacturer: Wigwam Mills
Product Name: Fusion Sock Collection

Wigwam Fusion Sock Collection

Wigwam Fusion Sock Collection

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