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Spot The Dog Reflective Vest Review

If you are someone who likes to go for walks with your dog at night or spends a lot of time camping, you really should have a reflective accessory on your pooch. The Spot The Dog Reflective Vest offers nearly a full body reflective protection for your dog. Having that peace of mind that you’ll be able to spot your dog at your pitch black campsite is real nice.

Appearance: The blaze orange coloring of the vest is a good start to making sure it sticks out in the crowd. The vest covers nearly the dogs whole back and offers 2 silver reflective stripes down each side of the vest that enhances it’s reflective capabilities. But they don’t stop there as Spot The Dog has also added a silver piping around the entire vest for additional reflective properties. The vest provides full coverage with a large velcro space that allows you to get the perfect fit for your dog. Made out of nylon, The Spot The Dog Reflective Vest is comfortable on your dog because of its elasticity and soft feel.

Ease Of Use: It certainly doesn’t get much easier than un-velcoring the vest, putting it around your dogs body and velcroing it on. So yes, we’d say it is very easy to use! It is a simple design, one used in most vests made for dogs. The sizing can be a little tricky and we found that we have a lot of leftover fabric once we velcro our dog in. But he doesn’t seem to mind and it doesn’t bother us.

Durability: We really like the full body reflective properties that the vest offers and use it a lot when we are camping. Knowing I can do a quick scan and see where the dog is lying is amazing to me. The velcro is strong which gives you peace of mind that it won’t fall off. Having good velcro also allows it to be easy to take on and off. Being made out of nylon, the reflective vest is strong and made with some high quality stitching.

Value: For $35 the Spot The Dog Reflective Vest is a great price as it can be used at night, in rainy situations or as a fashion statement. Other dog vests on the market go for right around the same price or above, so the value of this multipurpose vest is easy to see.

spot the dog reflective vest
Spot The Dog Reflective Vest
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