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Butler Overboot Review

Have a kid that likes to get into the messiest of puddles, but hates to put on their rain boots? Butler Overboots are here to save the day! These cute candy colored weatherproof boots are designed to fit right over the top of any toddler or little kid’s shoes. They’re not only colorful and fun, but they’re created based on the qualities of a familiar fury animal, the penguin! Just like a penguin these boots are playful, lovable, and made for splashing about.

They have an easy-slip on design with a fan style on the front of the boot. They’re also great for winter, as they come with an extra liner for a layer of warmth out in the snow. No hassle. No mess!

It’s as simple as stepping into the boot, strapping it tight and sending your little one to the land of fun in the muck. They’re crafted from environmentally friendly materials, comfortable, and have a slip-resistant sole. They also come in a variety of 6 different colors and sizes ranging from Children’s 8-12 and Youth 13 and 1-3, roughly ages 1-8.

Butler Overboots will leave a smile on anyone’s face that wears them!


Weatherproof Butler Overboot
Butler Overboots


Appearance- These little boots are pleasing to the eye and their variety of colors including, bright lime, classic navy, fire engine red, pink passion, teal tales and sunshine yellow will satisfy everyone. The penguin logo is imprinted on the Velcro strap and the accordion style entry gives the boot a great look of texture and style.


Ease of Use- There is nothing complicated about these durable little boots. You simply open up the boot, slide your foot in and tighten the Velcro strap! The accordion style fan design on the front and loop on the back allow for easy grip and slip to make sliding your foot in as easy as pie.


Durability- These playful boots are as tough as nails, though that may be surprising due to their cuteness level. They’re made from environmentally friendly high grade rubber to make sure that feet are kept dry and warm. These boots will last through the toughest of weather conditions including rain, snow, sleet, mud and anything else you can think of. You can look forward to a long term relationship with your child and their Butler boots.

Butler Overboot Insulated Liner
Perfect for your kids in rain, mud, or snow!


 Value– Butler Boots can be bought online or in store. Follow their “where to buy” icon on their website and you can search for a store near you! Pricing ranges from $19.00-$49.96 depending on sizing and color.


You can purchase your very own sweet and lovable boots here!







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