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Shop These Outdoor Barbie Looks for Your Next Adventure

Hey Barbie girls, when you’re spending time outdoors, do you ever wish you could look like your favorite collectible? Barbie is known for being high fashion, and she even upholds this reputation out on the trails. 

If you want to elevate your outdoor gear game while looking stylish like the most recognizable woman in the world, here are three looks to leave you feeling as fabulous as Barbie (There may even be something for the Ken in your life.) And, unlike the dolls, the accessories are included.

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Camp Barbie Outdoor Fun Campsite

Image by Mattel

Highlander Birch 2 Tent Rumba Red – $95

Image by Military 1st

Never lose your campsite again with this bright pink tent. Made for two people, you and your Ken will be able to enjoy a cozy night camping together. Pitching this tent will take two minutes, and it comes with a small front porch as an addition. The tent is made from a fire-retardant polyester with taped seams.

Rumpl 2-Person Lemonade Fade Blanket – $176

Image by Rumpl

Made from 100% recycled polyester, this outdoor blanket is great for stargazing and spending time outdoors. This blanket from rumpl is machine washable and comes with a waterproof stuff sack that will leave you feeling secure leaving your gear at the campsite. The original puffy blanket is great for any season and will let you feel like you’re living your Barbie dreams when you’re out at the campsite.

Noryer Vintage Camping Lantern 2 Modes Flame Light – $23

Image by Noryer

This LED lantern will add a cozy feel to any campsite, Barbie fan or not. Keep the party going at the campsite with this excellent lantern that will provide light without blinding you or your temporary neighbors. This battery-powered lantern offers 100 lumens of light with adjustable light direction.

Brooks High Point Waterproof Jacket – $198

Image by Brooks

In need of a new, waterproof jacket to bring to the trails with you? Try this Brooks raincoat/windbreaker. Perfect to pack for peace of mind on the trails or for an extra layer on chilly, damp mornings, this hip-length jacket is great for running and other outdoor fitness activities. Plus, the bright color makes it an excellent option for early mornings or late-night trips outdoors.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Wide Boot, Women’s – $100

Image by Columbia

If you need a new hiking boot but you’re tired of the same old brown and gray, try a pair in Barbie’s favorite color, pink. These completely waterproof boots have an OMNI-Tech membrane that will keep your feet dry during even your most muddy or wet hikes. These boots offer high ankle support for the days you’re carrying a heavy pack, and they are made from durable leather to last for years.

Regal Games Luxury Checker Board – $35

Image by Regal Games

Sometimes, the best part of an outdoor vacation is staying back at the campsite and playing some games with the people you love. If it’s just you and one other person, try a classic game like checkers to pass the time while connecting with one another.

Barbie, It Takes Two Daisy Camping Doll With Pet and Kayak

Image by Mattel

Reebok Women’s High Neck One Piece Swimsuit with Zipper – $30

Image by Walmart

When it comes to spending time on the water, you have to be prepared for some splashes. Stay ready for any amount of water in a bathing suit that Barbie would totally love. Plus, with the high neck, you’ll be protected from the sun on long kayak rides when you might not be able to reach your sunblock.

Roxy To Dye For 7-Inch Board Shorts, Women – $46

Image by Roxy

Ladies, we’ve all experienced some uncomfortable chafing in our lives, and if you’re looking to avoid that, do as Barbie is doing and pick up a pair of board shorts to leave you feeling cool, comfortable, and protected during your time out on the water. These board shorts from Roxy are made from a four-way stretch fabric with a lace front closure, allowing you to adjust as necessary.

Pelican Bandit NXT 100 Kayak – $349

Image by Pelican

This sit-on-top kayak is great for beginning kayakers. The fact that it’s bright pink is just an added bonus. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to comfortably kayak and keep your gear closeby. 

Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle – $115

Image by Carlisle

This low-angle-style paddle from Carlisle is made from flexible fiberglass to ensure powerful strokes. The paddle’s blades are slightly curved and asymmetrical, offering smooth and efficient strokes. The paddle weighs a little over two pounds, making it lightweight and easy to use. It also offers rubber drip rings that help keep your hands dry, ensuring a strong grip when you’re out on the water.

Mustang Survival Journey PFD – $75

Image by Mustang Survival

When it comes to outdoor activities, safety is one of the most important parts of being prepared and enjoying yourself. You should always have a life jacket or flotation device on hand for water activities. With large storage pockets, this life vest will help you in an emergency and can hold small gear you can’t go without. 

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket – $16

Image by Outward Hound

If you’re taking your dog out on the water, their safety is just as important as yours. Make sure you’re prepared with a dog life jacket, like this one from Outward Hound. 

Dllween Heart-Shaped Sunglasses – $8

Image by Dllween

Protect your eyes and look as fabulous as Barbie with a new pair of heart-shaped sunglasses for your next adventure on the water.

Barbie It Takes Two “Malibu” Camping Set

Image by Mattel

Mountain Hardwear Phantom GORE-TEX 0 Sleeping Bag – $825

Image by Mountain Hardware

A good sleeping bag really takes your camping to the next level. If you’re looking for something luxurious, try this one from Mountain Hardwear. Made for cold-weather camping, this sleeping bag will keep you warm, even in zero-degree weather. With the goose-down fill and a Windstopper shell fabric, you’ll be protected from the elements no matter where you camp.

Deuter Trail SL 28-Liter Backpack, Women’s – $150

Image by Deuter

Made to fit women in particular, this backpack will leave you feeling comfortable and stylish on hiking trips. This pack from Deuter offers loops for ice picks or trekking poles, plus a waist belt for convenience. It also offers a large main pocket to store gear.

Nocs Provisions Honor Native Land Binocular Bundle – $130

Image by Nocs Provisions

When you’re out on the trail, it’s nice to be able to get an up-close look at wildlife. With a good pair of binoculars, you can do just that. These binoculars are best for outdoor-viewing activities like birding and are compact, making them easy to travel with on all of your outdoor adventures.

The North Face Horizon Hat – $30

Image by The North Face

Protect your head and face when you’re out in the sun in this classic baseball cap made from lightweight nylon. It has an elastic sweatband in the back for an adjustable fit and a shallow crown so it fits snuggly. This hat will wick away moisture and has sun protection of UPF50.

GapFit Recycled High-Rise Running Shorts – $40

Image by Gap

Look fashionable during any outdoor activity when you wear these high-rise running shorts. Made with a relaxed fit and straight silhouette, these shorts hit at the mid-thigh and are great for those long, hot days when you don’t want to be covered in layers of clothing.

Which Barbie-inspired gear do you love most?

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