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10 Outdoors-Themed Barbies and Barbie Playsets from the 70s to Now 

Did you know that Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts? (We didn’t, either.) What everyone does know is that Barbie—love her or hate her—is a whole vibe. As the Mattel-owned brand has evolved over the years, Barbie, Ken, their friends, and their many accessories and playsets have facilitated pretend play for millions of young girls and boys. 

To celebrate the release of the new Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, we’ve rounded up some wonderfully nostalgic examples of outdoors-themed Barbies and Barbie playsets from the past several decades.

1970 Barbie Country Camper 

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Credit eBay user hiddentreasurespa

This camper, “the swingingest camper on wheels,” provides a “home for Barbie wherever she explores the outdoors.” It has a movable steering wheel, a fold-out camp table, a fold-out sleeping tent, and—let’s face it—some pretty groovy décor.

1972 Barbie Camp-Out Tent Playset

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Credit eBay user beesbasement

This playset from the early 70s comes with a tent and decals for decoration, two sleeping bags, stools, a table, cooking accessories, a campfire, and a grill—everything Barbie needs for a fun outdoor adventure with her pals.

1974 Barbie’s High Sierra Adventure 

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Credit eBay user mother-pluckers

When Barbie goes on a High Sierra adventure, she knows what’s up. Daytime is “boat’n hike time,” nighttime is “camp’n sleeptite time,” and “ALL the time is FUNTIME!” Cringy marketing aside, this adventure playset looks like fun, with accessories like a boat that actually floats and a pack that actually fits tiny gear inside, like cookware, a miniature canteen, and more.

1987 Barbie Island Fun Hut

Barbie 2
Credit eBay user nashdealz

Barbie enjoys “easy, breezy living” with this 80s playset, complete with a hut, a toucan friend, a swinging hammock, and a fan that spins when you pull the string. Other key accessories for Barbie’s tropical adventure include perfume bottles, hairspray, a hand mirror, and a hair brush.

1989 Barbie Wet ‘n Wild Surf Set

Barbie 5
Credit eBay user thisandthat442

This beach-themed Barbie playset from the late 80s comes with bright-pink snorkel gear, a bright-pink lounging chair, a jet ski, and other accessories for spending some time in the sun.

1993 Camp Barbie Outdoor Fun 

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Credit eBay user october_lass

Camp Barbie gets a makeover for the early 90s with this Outdoor Fun set. The pink tent has an extendable awning and stars that appear on the mesh top when exposed to sunlight, so it seems like Barbie is really sleeping under the stars. Accessories include a pink guitar for singing songs around the campfire, a frying pan preloaded with eggs and bacon, and a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

1996 Barbie Motorhome

Barbie 7

It’s a pink RV—what more could a Barbie fan girl or boy ask for? An update to the 1970 Country Camper, this 1996 Barbie Motorhome has a working kitchen with lights and sounds. Imagine all the outdoor adventures Barbie, Ken, and pals could get up to in this “magical traveling home.”

2000s to Today

Barbie Wilderness Guide Doll and Playset

Barbie 8
Credit Amazon

The wilderness guide Barbie is dressed for the outdoors, with pink boots, a pink vest, and binoculars. The doll also comes with a tree, a bridge path, a cave, and 10 animal friends to facilitate pretend play.

Barbie It Takes Two Camping Playset

Barbie 9
Credit Mattel

Yet another take on the campsite playset, the It Takes Two playset includes two dolls, Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts. Like camping playsets of the past, this one includes a tent and themed accessories, like camping chairs, marshmallow roasters, and a campfire, as well as a telescope, string lights, and a couple of woodland animals.

Barbie Hiking Doll, Brunette

Barbie 10
Credit Amazon

This hiking-themed set includes a sporty Barbie doll dressed in an “adventure vibes” T-shirt, pink shorts, and hiking boots. She carries a map, a water bottle, a trail snack, a bottle of sunscreen, a flashlight, and a camera. Brunette hiking Barbie also comes with a puppy that fits in her backpack.

Do you (or did you) have a favorite outdoors-themed Barbie or Barbie playset? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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