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Camping Denali State Park in Alaska

Visitors to Denali State Park can camp at either the Byers Lake Campground or the Lakeshore Campground. Byers Lake boasts 73 campsites and Lakeshore has six campsites that are secluded. The two sites are separated by a body of water. Byers Lake holds three cabins that can be used by the public. Each cabin comes with its own wooden stove and bunk beds as well as a fire ring, a picnic table and an outhouse. One of the cabins allows for electricity, but visitors must bring their own generator.

There are many trails at Denali State Park that are great for hiking. It is recommended that visitors bring a compass with them if they wish to hike on any of the park’s trails. Those who like to go trapping and hunting can do so at Denali State Park. Visitors that wish to go hunting on their trip to the Denali State Park should consult with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to find out what the rules and regulations are.

Visitors to Denali State Park often engage in sightseeing. The roadside views offer a breathtaking glimpse of Alaska. There are also mountains that are beautiful sights to see.

Denali State Park
Mile 147.1 on the George Parks Highway.
The fees charged to camp at Denali State Park vary according to the time of year. Fees for overnight occupation of the campgrounds range anywhere from $5 to $20.
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