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Camping Gear Essentials

Outdoor.com is looking to explore some of our favorite camping gear essentials used during a camping trip!

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* Cooler – a cooler is important for a variety of reasons, from keeping drinks cold to keeping any fish you might take home with you cold as well.

* Sleeping Bag – A must have for any type of camping trip, whether you’re staying in a cabin of sorts or a tent. Even if it’s warm, it gives you something more comfortable to sleep on, and if it’s chilly, then to keep you warm as well.

* Sunscreen & Bug Spray – Definitely a must have for any camping trip anywhere. I like to stay comfortable from bugs and being sunburnt. Being swarmed by mosquitoes or being red as a tomato can really put a hamper on your camping trip.

* Headlamp – A headlamp makes for navigating around camp at night so much easier. If you don’t have one, I highly suggest getting one.

* A knife/tool setup – I use a variety of tools and knives from SOL and they make camp life much easier. From using their camp hatchet to chop down wood or their foldable knife for odds and ends, they make many things easier.

* Lantern – A lantern is great to light a bigger area, rather than using a headlamp. From lighting up an area to play card games to eating dinner, it serves a purpose.

* Foldable table – I always have a foldable table with me. From using it to serve food to play games, you never know when you could use it.

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