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Camping Kachemak Bay State Park in Alaska

Kachemak Bay State Park is a wilderness park that permits camping. There are various campsites located throughout the park and people can rent a cabin in the following areas:

• Tutka Bay
• Halibut Cove Lagoon
• Moose Valley
• Leisure Lake

The cabins of Kachemak Bay State Park cannot be driven to. Campers must take either air or water transportation to get to the cabins. Every cabin allows campers to have direct access to the park’s trails.

The Halibut Cove Lagoon has a public dock and Ranger Station, both of which are located near the park’s cabins. For the duration of the summer, the Ranger Station is always occupied by park employees who can assist visitors with questions and concerns.

While staying in Kachemak Bay State Park, visitors can view the park’s wildlife and even go fishing. The park staff recommends that visitors go fishing in June because early in the month there is a high likelihood they will be able to catch King Salmon. There is a fish cleaning table on the dock that visitors are welcome to use.

The wildlife of Kachemak Bay State Park gives visitors a chance to observe bald eagles, harbor seals, waterfowl, porpoises and black bears throughout the park.

Visitors seeking more information about Kachemak Bay State Park can submit inquiries to:
PO Box 1247
Soldotna, Alaska, 99669
The staff can be reached by calling 907-262-5581.
The fee for renting a cabin is $50 per night at non-peak times and $86 per night at peak times.
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