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Camping Skills Double as Survival Skills When Natural Disasters Strike!

Camping skills are often transferable in disaster situations. Being familiar with the wilderness, the ability to live off of limited resources and having equipment necessary to withstand the outdoors are general qualities that campers possess that make handling a natural disaster less stressful.

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Here are five specific camping skills that can help during a natural disaster:

  1. Water Collection: Knowing how to properly filter water, as you would in the backcountry, is imperative. The naked eye cannot see contamination in water.
  2. Trail Cleanup: That folding saw you throw in your backpack to clear the trail to your camp? Just as useful to clear debris in the streets such as fallen trees.
  3. Off-Grid Power Sources: Campers often own/utilize solar-powered gadgets to keep their tents warm, and these items can double to keep a house or room warm/lit when without power.
  4. Cooking on the Go: Camping stoves are critical in survival situations – they use minimal fuel, are practically weather proof and can boil water very quickly.
  5. Comfortable Using Headlamps: Headlamps will out-shine candles and lanterns, and leave your hands free to work.

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