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Camping Wagonhammer Campground in Idaho

Wagonhammer Campground, Idaho

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Camp Idaho: I’m talking with Shirley this morning. She’s one of the Owners at Wagonhammer Campground, in Idaho. How’s it going, Shirley?


Shirley: Very good, we’re right in the midst of fishing and hunting season, so it’s one of our most favorite times of the year.

CI: Awesome. So, let’s start with how long Wagonhammer Campground has been around and how you guys got your start.

Shirley: It’s actually been an RV Park since 1969. We took over ten years and have totally refurbished the site.

CI: Okay. Now, what are the most popular activities that your guests enjoy there?


Shirley: Well, of course, this time of the year it’s the steelhead season. And being located right on the Salmon River, that is probably one of our strongest points. We also have hunters here right now. But other than that, throughout the year, our area is very historical. We’re on the Lewis & Clark Trail. Also, we’re very close by to the whitewater rafting and also the scenery. The surroundings. The majestic mountains are just beautiful.

CI: So it sounds like there’s quite a bit in the area. When you have a little bit of downtime, what are your favorite attractions to drive out and check out?

Shirley: Probably a tour along the river, as it goes into the interior, or visiting local historic sites.

CI: Okay. Just two more questions for you. If you could just spend one hour hanging out at Wagonhammer Campground, how would you spend your time?

Shirley: Well, I suppose that would depend on what you’re goal is as a tourist, but one of my favorite things would be just to sit by the riverbank and enjoy the quietness and the solitude.

CI: That sounds great. And if you were spending just one night in Wagonhammer RV Park and Campground, which specific site would you choose and why?

Shirley: It would be one of our many sites right on the river. It would probably be number 18, because all you do is look down the river and you don’t have anybody next to you, although our sites are spacious.

CI: Okay. Well, that sounds excellent. That’s what we’re looking for; a little bit of insider info for the visitors on our site. Well, thanks for taking a little bit of time out of your morning, Shirley, to chat with us about Wagonhammer RV Park and Campground.

Shirley: Thank you.

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