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Camping at Wood-Tikchik State Park

An interesting fact that most individuals do not know about Wood-Tikchik State Park is the fact that it is the largest state park in the nation. Originally, it was created in 1978 to be used to protect the fish and wildlife breeding in the area.

Camping at Wood-Tikchik State Park

The camping accommodations are few and extremely rustic. This is a park that believes in low impact “pack it in” camping practice. The entire state park is actually open for campers to use. However, there are certain areas throughout the park that require you to have a permit. Guests are encouraged to call the park regarding reservations, permits, and fees.

Amenities at Wood-Tikchik State Park

There are five different commercial sport-fishing lodges that are located within the boundaries of the state park on private property. Keep in mind, these lodges do operate on reservations only and do not cater to any form of drop by visitations. There are also several private cabins within the park as well.

Things to do at Wood-Tikchik State Park

The fish, the wildlife, and the natural environment are the big reasons why individuals come to this state park. They want to be one with nature for a while and they want a chance to soak up some of the rich history that this park offers. Naturally, camping is the biggest activity that individuals come to this park to enjoy. This is largely because you can set up camp just about anywhere within the park limits.

Wood-Tikchik State Park
Wood-Tikchik State Park
PO Box 1822
Dillingham, AK 99576
Phone Number: (907) 842 2641
Email Address: [email protected]

Wood-Tikchik State Park Hours
Individuals are encouraged to contact the park directly for hours of operation.

Individuals are encouraged to contact the park directly regarding fees.

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