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Chums Storm Series Downriver Bag: Review

There are a plethora of waterproof bags on the market these days, but they’re usually large or are in a traditional dry bag style. The Chums Storm Series Downriver Bag is both small and wearable, making it unique.

Functionality: You can wear the bag around your waist or over the shoulder, whichever is more comfortable for you. The bag rolls down and snaps like a traditional dry bag, which means you can also control how large it is. There is also a smaller pocket on the front with drain holes in case you need to separate some wet gear from the rest of the bag. We should also note that the bag isn’t made for continuous submersion, but rather a quick dunk.

Ease of Use: It’s easy to unsnap and roll out the top of the bag. The smaller pocket on the front is nice to have, but it’s pretty small. It would be a good spot for a small quick dry shammy or something similar.

Durability: It’s made with waterproof RF welded seams so it will take some abuse.

Value: If you’re out on the water a lot, $60 is worth it to be able to access your vital gear easily. If you’re just an occasional paddler a cheaper, a small cheap dry sack would suffice.




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