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Cicada-geddon Is Upon Us. When Will The Cicadas Go Away?

To all those in the Midwest and Southeast, how are you doing? We’re talking about the cicadas, of course. Cicada-geddon is underway in states like Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and South Carolina. This summer, two massive broods of periodical cicadas are emerging around the same time and in roughly the same geographic area, and it’s the first time this has happened in 200 years.

It seems like the situation shifted into overdrive this weekend in some states, like Illinois. Folks are sharing their plague-like videos and photos on social media so the rest of us can gawk. Many people are not a fan of this summer cicada takeover.

This news reporter in Western Springs, Illinois had to keep his hood up while filming a video because the insects were raining down on him from the tree overhead . . . while simultaneously crawling up his pant leg.

When Will the Cicadas Go Away?

Periodical cicadas emerge every 13-17 years. Once they come out of their underground hideouts, they will eat, procreate, and die—all in a span of a few weeks. Since the insects aren’t all at the exactly the same stage, they won’t die at the exact same time. It’ll probably be a month or so after the insects emerge before you get a break.

Video by Daniel Terrill

So if you’re living in this cicada circus, hang on, it won’t last too much longer. And then whatever brood is closest to you won’t come back for another 13-17 years.

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