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Zebras Flee Down Interstate in Washington State

This weekend, four zebras escaped from a trailer that was transporting them. They ran down the highway, confusing motorists who questioned whether they were still in Washington State. One of the zebras is still at large.

According to the Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC), its animal-control officers received a call for help near North Bend, Washington for “four zebras wandering on I-90.” In a Facebook post, RASKC said the animals escaped from a trailer that was taking them to Montana.

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Image courtesy of the Regional Animal Services of King County

“With the help of law enforcement officers and a good Samaritan with a fenced pasture, three of the zebras were captured, put back in the trailer, and continued on their way east,” RASKC said. “One of the zebras, a stallion, is still on the loose.”

Perhaps the best account of the situation comes from a random Washington motorist, who eloquently states: “What the f***? We don’t even have to go to Africa!”

Watch zebras flee down a Washington road here:

Zebras live in eastern and southern Africa, and we don’t know why these four are heading to Montana.

If you happen to be in Washington State and spot the missing zebra, RASKC asks that citizens do not try to capture it. Call RASKC at 206-296-7387 or call 9-1-1 for help.

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