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Country Acres Campground in Ohio

Country Acres Campground in Ohio

Camp Ohio: I’m talking with Anthony today. He’s the Owner at Country Acres Campground in Ohio. Anthony, why don’t you get us started with telling us about how long Country Acres Campground has been there and how it got started?

Anthony: Country Acres was established in 1969, and we are the Owners since 2005. Originally it was just a simple campground. Small camper campfires and just mutated over the years. And now we have gone into the family camping, where the kids have lots of toys to play with.

Camp Ohio: Sounds good. And what types of camping do you offer there?

Country Acres Campground
Country Acres Campground

Anthony: Everything from primitive tenting all the way up to deluxe park model rentals, and everything in between.

Camp Ohio: Perfect. And what are the most popular activities for the guests there?

Anthony: Oh, our jumping pillow. Jumping pillow. We have water wars. A pool, peddle go-karts, paddle boats, and fishing, but jumping pillow is number one.

Camp Ohio: I’m starting to see those at more and more Parks and they look pretty fun. Tell me a little bit about how that works.

Anthony: Pardon me.

Camp Ohio: Tell me a little bit about how the jumping pillow works.

Anthony: It’s just an inflatable – looks like a pillow stuck in the ground that the kids jump on. It’s a lot safer than a trampoline and it’s for everybody – anybody who can stand basically and jump. My mother, who is 90 years old, was on it.

Camp Ohio: Fun.

Anthony: So it’s very safe.

Camp Ohio: Okay. Now, if I was staying at your Park for maybe an extended period of time and I wanted to venture outside of Country Acres Campground, what are some of the attractions around there you might recommend?

Anthony: Well, it’s Ohio. We have the Hall of Fames. We have the first (Unclear 1:46.8), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Football Hall of Fame, and National Science Museum. We have the Rubber Museum and the Great Lakes Science Center. We have the drive-through safaris as well as anything you want. Horseback riding. Unlimited boating. You can rent party boats. Down at the State Park there are five major lakes within 20 minutes of us.

Camp Ohio: Fun. So, what you’re saying is pretty much anything under the sun that I want to do I can find.

Anthony: For the most part yes.

Camp Ohio: Two more questions for you, Anthony. If you were just going to spend one hour at Country Acres Campground, how would you spend your time there?

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Country Acres Campground

Anthony: Me? I probably would sit by the lake and just enjoy the ducks and our swans.

Camp Ohio: Nice.

Anthony: Watching them play in the lake.

Camp Ohio: Sounds relaxing. And if you could spend just one night at Country Acres Campground, which specific site would you choose and why?

Anthony: Well, of course I would want to say in the rental deluxe because it is your home away from home. It has everything except the dishwasher.

Camp Ohio: Perfect.

Anthony: It’s right on the lake and it’s got the sunken bedrooms. It’s got the full kitchen with the breakfast nook and the sliding glass doors that overlook the lake. Literally it’s right there. Fishing. It’s close to the pool, to the jumping pillow, to pavilion activities, the snack bar, and all that stuff is right centrally located.

Camp Ohio: Perfect. It sounds like it would be hard to leave.

Anthony: Oh, I hope.

Camp Ohio: Well, Anthony, thank you so much for taking a little bit of time out of your day to tell us about Country Acres Campground in Ohio.

Anthony: Wonderful, Clint.

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