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Courtney Dauwalter Can’t Stop Setting 100-Mile Records

Ultramarathons show just how far you can push the human body. Runners cruise through courses, sometimes running 100 miles and climbing up and down mountains in wilderness terrain. For most people, ultras are unthinkable, and doing two back-to-back in less than a month is unfathomable, but not for Courtney Dauwalter. 

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Dauwalter won last week’s women’s Hardrock 100, setting a new record just three weeks after doing the same for Western States

In the Hardrock 100, she set the record for the counterclockwise loop at 26 hours, 14 minutes, and eight seconds. The 100-mile run is 33,197 feet of climbing through southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

Meanwhile, the 100-mile Western States race goes from Olympic Valley, California to Auburn, California outside Sacramento. Deuwalter’s new record is 15 hours, 29 minutes, and 33 seconds.

This runner is the closest thing to a household name in endurance sports. The 38-year-old athlete calls Colorado home and has an incredible resume of wins and course records.  

Here’s a look at other records Courtney Dewaulter holds:

  • Women’s Course Record: Hardrock 100 (clockwise)(2022) – 26:44:36
  • Women’s Course Record: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Black in Chamonix, France (2021) – 24:34:26
  • Fastest Known Time: Colorado’s Collegiate Loop Trail (2022) – One day and 16:14:20
  • Women’s Course Record: Squamish 50 (2018) – 8:22:15
  • Women’s Course Record: Moab 240 (2017) – 57:55:13

What’s the further distance you’ve ever run?

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