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Crazy Horse Campground in Wisconsin

Crazy Horse Campground in Wisconsin

Camp Wisconsin: I’m talking with Janet this morning. She is the Manager at Crazy Horse Campground in Wisconsin. Janet, why don’t you get us started with giving us a little bit of history about Crazy Horse Campground?

Janet: Well, the current owners have owned the campground now going on eleven years. They’ve made a lot of wonderful improvements to the campground. We are basically a family campground. We offer tubing, canoeing, kayaking, mini golf, peddle karts, miniature golf, a skate park, a Jumping Pillow. Lots of kids activities. Themed weekends. We offer it all for families. We’re trying to gear it more towards the family camping instead of the friend partying type camping.

Camp Wisconsin: Sure. Sure. So, a lot of activities to keep the kids busy. It’s pretty important. It sounds like you’re certainly taking care of that.

Janet: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I’m also the Activity Director.

Crazy Horse Campground
Crazy Horse Campground is a great family campground with lots of activities

Camp Wisconsin: Oh, fun, okay. Yeah. Yeah, so you probably know that. As active as kids are when you get to a campsite like that, a lot of times the adults have been working all week and they’re fine just sitting around the fire with their favorite beverage, but kids need to have a lot to do, so it sounds like you have no shortage of activities there.

Janet: Oh no. Oh no.

Camp Wisconsin: So, you have tent camping all the way up to RV I’m assuming.

Janet: Yes, we have tent camping all the way up to 50amp, full sewer hook-up sites.

Camp Wisconsin: Okay, sounds good. And let’s say I was staying there for an extended period of time and I wanted to venture outside of the Park. What are some of the local attractions you might recommend?

Janet: Oh, wow, we have got world famous cheese factories in the area. There’s one right down the road, probably about a mile away. We’re about 30 minutes from New Glarus, Wisconsin, which has a fantastic brewery.

Camp Wisconsin: I know it well.

Janet: They have a winery in New Glarus, which is actually really good too. In Monroe we have the Museum of Cheese-making History.

Camp Wisconsin: Fun.

Janet: There’s also another brewery in Monroe. We’re close to the beginning of a 32-mile State-run bike trail. Oh, there are lots to do in the area. I mean they have a balloon rally in Monroe. They have Cheese Days Festival, which is every other year, and that’s coming up this year. This is their 100th year anniversary.

Camp Wisconsin: Okay, perfect. So, no shortage of things to do if you want to venture outside of the Park.

Janet: Oh no, no. And in town actually we have a Railroad Museum. There are antique shops. There’s like little mom and pop shops. There’s a lot to do in the area.

Camp Wisconsin: All right, sounds great. Two more questions for you, Janet.

Janet: Yeah.

Camp Wisconsin: If you were going to spend just one hour at Crazy Horse Campground in Wisconsin, how would you spend your time there?

Janet: Hmm. Well, I’ve never gone tubing until last year. I’d probably go tubing because the scenery that you see is just phenomenal.

Camp Wisconsin: It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it?

Janet: Yeah, it is.

Camp Wisconsin: Now, how long is the tube run there?

Crazy Horse Campground
Crazy Horse Campground

Janet: Depending on Mother Nature and the height of the water, it can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Camp Wisconsin: Okay, perfect. And then do you provide pick-ups and drop-offs for that?

Janet: Actually yeah, we do. What we have is give your standard camp rate and then we have a per-person fee, which is six dollars a day. And that makes the campground all inclusive, so you get the tubing, canoeing, kayaking, peddle karts, Jumping Pillow, skate park – all of that included for your stay for six dollars a day.

Camp Wisconsin: That’s really cheap. That’s nice.

Janet: Yeah.

Camp Wisconsin: Awesome.

Janet: The guests seem to like it.

Camp Wisconsin: Yeah. And last question for you, Janet. If you were going to spend just one night at Crazy Horse Campground in Wisconsin, which specific site would you stay at and why?

Janet: Oh, let’s see. Either 126 or 207. They’re at the end of a line of a row of campsites. They’re right on the river. They’re just beautiful sites.

Camp Wisconsin: Nice, sounds great. Well, thank you, Janet, for taking some time out of your morning to tell us a little bit more this morning about Crazy Horse Campground in Wisconsin.

Janet: Oh, you’re more than welcome. You have a good day.

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