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This Croc-Cowboy Boot Hybrid Is a Farmer’s Dream

Crocs is a shoe brand that is not afraid to go there. Between their Dogs-are-Out April Fool’s prank to their many, many jarring collaborations with Balenciaga, Crocs has created some of the most notable—and meme-able—shoes of the last decade.

Now, they’re introducing their newest bold take on footwear, the Croc-Cowboy Boot hybrid, or as we have dubbed them, the Crocboy Boot.

Made with a crocodile skin texture and silver embroidery, you’ll be the coolest person at the rodeo. You may even become the new sheriff in town. 

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All jokes aside, these boots offer the comfortable footbed Crocs are known for, plus the ankle coverage necessary for a hard day of working on the farm. Some might even say they’re the solution for a long day of hard labor. 

The “Crocboy boots,” unlike actual leather boots, offer vent holes for some breathability, which will leave you feeling a little cooler and fresher. Oh, and those nifty little spurs on the strap? They’re removable for when you get off the horse. 

The Croc-Cowboy Boots are available starting October 23, 2023.

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