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The Dakota Watch Company Knife Clip Watch Is Great For Camping

If you like to save space while camping, are a gear junkie or just like awesome multi tools then you will love the Dakota Watch Company Knife Clip watch. It may be small, but it is jam packed with little goodies to help around the campsite.

The watch is situated on a carabiner base, making it easy to attach to packs, your belt loop or clothing. It comes with a handy bottle opener, a knife that pops out the side, a scissors and a red LED light. The knife is pretty small but could certainly be used to get tinder ready for the fire. The scissors is also pretty small, but would get the job done for small objects. It is amazing how many times a scissors can be useful in one camping trip. The watch itself is great. It has a Citizen Movement component on the inside and is guaranteed for 5 years. We really enjoy this handy little watch and multi tool and keep it strapped to our pack on all of our adventures.

Price: $70.00

See the Dakota Watch Company Knife Clip watch in action

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