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Pennsylvania DCNR announces Kids in Nature Program

kids in nature
Kis in Nature

Remember when you were told to go outside and play as a kid? No matter if you lived in the city or on a farm you probably spent a lot of time as a child getting dirty and exploring nature. Climbing trees, building forts, riding bicycles or maybe laying in the grass contemplating shapes in the clouds. Being outside was fun. However, the advancements in technology is keeping kids from going outside as much as they used to. Many studies suggest the lack of direct expereinces with nature can have a negative affect on a child’s well-being. Kids in Nature’s mission is simple, to “unplug” children and reconnect them with nature.

Kids in Nature Program

In celebration of Earth Day, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Ellen Ferretti presented the Kids in Nature program at the Nescopek State Park in Pennsylvania. “Kids in Nature will step up our efforts to raise the awareness of existing opportunities for connecting children and their families to the wonders of nature and getting them actively involved in recreation, educational programs and environmental careers,” said Secretary Ferretti. DCNR staff will spend much of this year learning from youth and elevating the awareness of existing opportunities to get kids outdoors. “Our intent is to have conversations with young people to find out their wants, likes and dislikes related to learning about nature and spending time outside,” Ferretti said.

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Kids in Nature’s mission is simple, to “unplug” children and reconnect them with nature.
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