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Duckworth Wool

Duckworth has found a great team to work with and they can finally take their sheep all the way to shelf. They’ve got a lot of innovation going on with Duckworth now designing their own fabrics and taking everything from the ranch, sorting the wool and growing it in a climate that makes it very unique and very compatible to the outdoor technology world. They take it to the Carolinas and fabricate it into fabrics that they can make the ultimate outdoor gear and very high tech.

Duckworth is a Montana source-verified wool company. Duckworth wool is 100% Helle Rambouillet merino, grown in a natural environment, raised on mountain pasture, and processed and built 100% in the USA.

Open Range Wool – at 9500’ elevation, the specific conditions of the Montana Rockies are said to grow the world’s best wool. Dry hot summers and freezing cold winters shape a soft, durable fiber with exceptional loft and breathability. Mulesing sheep is not practiced in Montana.

Go check them out on www.Duckworthco.com and see them on the web.

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