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Everyday Pocket Knife Solutions : Why Carry A Pocket Knife?

There are so many reasons to carry a pocket knife everyday – and not just the days when you’re camping or hanging out outside. Personally speaking, it’s on par with any other household tool like a scissors or screwdriver that we might use daily. We’d like to share a few of our favorite everyday uses for a pocket knife. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but rather a thought starter about how carrying a knife daily could make your life easier.

First things first – a pocket knife isn’t designed to be a weapon. I know, you might be rolling your eyes – but it’s an important concept. A pocket knife is designed to do everyday tasks, not to fend off a wild squirrel attack. With that said, let’s move onto what it is great for. Here’s a list of pocket knife uses that put our Kershaw Knife to work:

Opening Mail & Boxes

If you’re anything like us, you probably see a handful of Amazon boxes show up at your doorstep each month – maybe each week. Rather than running to the kitchen and grabbing a steak knife or a scissors, it’s super convenient to reach into your pocket. On top of that, cleanly opening a letter that comes in the mail allows you to stay organized – not to mention, preventing damage of the envelope’s contents.

Cutting Straws for Kids

We’ve dealt with more drink spills at restaurants than we can count because of long straws. Often, restaurants serve kids drinks in smaller cups – leaving an extra long straw that creates a drink catapult. Simply measure the desired straw length visually, bend the straw at the cut point, and slice – leaving the perfect length for drinking.

Prying Out Old Batteries

Most of the time batteries come out of devices easily, however sometimes they fit too tightly – or, even worse, corrode inside the device. Having a pocket knife that can pry into tight spaces saves the frustration of a simple task – allowing you to change the channel or flip the flashlight back on quickly and easily.

Fishing Line

Taking the kids down to the shoreline to make a few casts is a great way to spend an afternoon. A chore as simple as attaching a new hook to their line requires a small amount of trimming. A pocket knife makes quick work of this task, getting the line in the water quicker and easier. (As always, be sure to properly dispose of fishing line.)

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Stuck Legos

Kids love legos. Parents hate stepping on them – and prying them apart. While we don’t have a solution to keep them off the floor, we do have a great tip to unstick them. If you’re a parent, you’ve been there. Page 46 of the Lego instructions, and your child has placed a lego in the wrong position. What comes next is broken fingernails and lots of cursing. The tip of a pocket knife can easily slip between the bricks to free up the jam – and keep the project on track.

Whittling Marshmallow Sticks

There are very few things in life as a rewarding as a perfectly roasted marshmallow.The perfect roasting stick is a key component of its success. With a pocket knife, go from zero to hero – and form the perfect point to skewer that ‘mallow into submission. Just a few quick strokes, and you’ll be the talk of the campfire.

Sharpening Pencils

It’s 7 o’clock on Sunday night, and you’ve procrastinated on tomorrow’s homework long enough. No more excuses…until the dreaded pencil lead breaks. Get everyone back on track quickly and easily by putting the perfect point back onto that #2 with your pocket knife. Now, you’ll only have to worry about the dog eating it.

Opening Clamshells

While we long for the days of a simple box – most products that you buy at the store are enclosed in an impenetrable sphere of plastic that’s not only difficult to open – but leaves a razor-sharp edge when pried open. Using your pocket knife, cut a clean all-around opening – and never have to deal with the frustration (and ER visits) again!

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Cutting Zip Ties

Maybe it’s inside of a package, possibly it’s holding that extension cord together – but zip ties are everywhere! Using the tip of your pocket knife, slide the blade beneath the zip tie – and with a quick turn pop that bad boy free without damaging the attachment!

Loosening a Knot

While a knot may be one of human’s greatest feats, untying them can often leave us feeling that we’re still living in the dark ages. Again, using the tip of your knife, gently loosen the knot until there’s enough slack to easily untie it with your fingers. If all else fails – cut out the knot and start over.

BONUS : Grooming the Dog

Do you have a dog with medium to long hair? Do you take it for walks? Sooner or later the pooch will end up with a burr snarled so deeply in the fur, it’s impossible to pull out with your fingers or even a brush or comb. A sharp pocket knife makes cutting out the snarl a snap. Just don’t do it every day or the dog will end up with a “unique” style.

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