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Family of Bears Raid a Krispy Kreme Truck

A Krispy Kreme doughnut truck was making deliveries to an Alaskan military base when a family of bears decided to help themselves to the delicious treats. According to NBC News, the truck driver left the truck doors open and the bears invited themselves in and stayed there for over 20 minutes.

When the driver and store manager noticed what was happening, they began banging on the walls of the truck. This was intended to get the bears out of the truck, but it did not bother them. Store manager Shelly Deano was quoted as saying, “I was beating on the van and they’re not moving. I could hear them breaking open the packages and everything.”

The bears clearly enjoyed their delicious snack. According to the Guardian, base security had to be called, and they used sirens to finally convince the bears to leave the van.

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