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You Bought That At The Hardware Store? Highlights From The National Hardware Show

Each year, 50 Campfires heads to Las Vegas in the springtime for the National Hardware Show (NHS). The annual expedition is part of the continuing pursuit to deliver the coolest, most innovative gear to make your time outdoors enjoyable and memorable.

We know a lot of camping and outdoor gear is purchased at home and hardware stores, but 50 Campfires is one of the few outdoor media platforms that attends this show. We think that’s strange, but also a good thing in that we get to bring it to you first!

Here’s what we discovered this year in the record-setting heat of the outdoor display area at NHS:

GCI – Pico Chair

We’re always on the hunt for a great camping chair, and it looks like GCI has upped their game with the Pico Chair. It’s based around a telescoping design that allows the bag to fold down to about 1/16th of its size and slide into a small shoulder bag.

Smokehouse Products – Mimi Moto

There’s no denying that the flavor of a meal cooked over wood is delicious. Smokehouse Products designed their Mimi Moto cook stove to run on just about any combustible material – particularly wood pellets. Using the onboard fan, you can control your heat output – making it a perfect campsite companion for delicious wood fired meals.

ENO – Fuse Spreader Bar

Hammocking is fun, but hammocking with a friend is even better! Eagles Nest Outfitters has come out with their Fuse bar, which allows two hammocks to be setup using just two anchor points – rather than four. Grab a buddy – and get hanging!

Goal Zero : Crush Light

Goal Zero has been making reliable off-grid power products that we’re constantly falling in love with. While they seemed to be making a move into “bigger” products, we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered their new solar powered Crush Light for less than $20. Did we mention that it has a candle flicker mode?

CampMaid : Collapsible Charcoal Chimney

Cooking in a dutch oven can produce amazing results. Carrying along a full size charcoal chimney can take some of the enjoyment out of the process. CampMaid has introduced a collapsible charcoal chimney that fits neatly inside a 12” dutch oven – brilliant!
Collapsible Charcoal Chimney

Biolite – Firepit

BioLite has been forward thinking in the outdoors since they came onto the scene with the fire/cooking/power combos, and they haven’t slowed down one bit. Their new FIrePit is a charcoal & wood burning firepit with an integrated fan, allowing you to turn up – or down the flames. An included grill rack turns this pit into a hibachi style grill in no time flat!

Rinsekit – Hot Rod 12v Water Heater

When we gave the original RinseKit out Gear of the Year award in 2015, we thought we had seen it all. A portable, pressurized shower. It was like something out of a dream. When we came across their new Hot Rod Water Heater accessory – we were blown away. Long live hot showers!

Trail Embers – Hanging Fire Pit / Grill

While the Trail Embers Fire Pit & Grill is probably too big to take along on your next camping adventure, it’s perfectly built for backyard cooking. It’s versatility allows you to cook over your choice of either charcoal or wood – and easily switch it over to a hanging fire pit for some evening relaxing.

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