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Keep Your Desk Job In Motion With The Fluidstance Plane

If you’re a weekend warrior you’ll love “surfing” on the Fluidstance Plane.

I purchased a standing desk almost a year ago and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I picked up a Varidesk, because if I didn’t like it they would pay for me to ship it back to them. Seemed like a no-brainer. I got one because I hate the idea of sitting in one spot 40 hours a week. I’m very active on the weekends and I wanted to start making my work days more active as well. After it arrived I thought there would be a transition period where I’d slowly stand more every day, but I actually just started standing full days right out of the gate. I have more energy, my lower back feels better, and my posture has improved. It’s been great.


There’s one thing about standing all day though: you get fidgety. I started to notice that standing desk users were using blocks to put a foot up, or even tall chairs on a pogo to mix it up. Then I came across a company called Fluidstance that was selling the idea of “surfing” at your standing desk, and I thought it looked fun. I called them up, and they sent me the Fluidstance Plane.

I’ll tell you right now – it is fun. What they’ve figured out is a perfect angle on the bottom that keeps you slightly moving around the entire time you’re on it. If the angle were more drastic it would be distracting, and it if was less it wouldn’t provide enough movement. You can effectively “walk” on it, as I’m doing above. This makes it easy to get the right distance between you and the desk. It also increases your range of motion by about 23 degrees, which doesn’t happen when you’re just standing. The other thing I found interesting is that it increases your heart rate by 15% over just standing. One reason I purchased a standing desk is that I know that you burn more calories when standing; you in fact burn up an extra 8 pounds per year. Adding an extra 15% on top of that sounds great to me. I also love that it’s made from 100% recycled materials.

Who is the Fluidstance Level for?

I know exactly who this thing is for: me. I’m always looking for easy ways to stay more active. As I get older I’ve realized that I have to be more proactive with my health, or it starts to slip. Exercising, eating, stretching, balance, adequate sleep – these are all things I tend to each and every day. I’ve been spending an hour or two on it a day and it’s been a great way to break up my routine. I will say that after few hours on it the first day, that my core was just a bit sore the next day so I know it’s doing something. I have no illusions about getting a six-pack from this thing, but do believe that it raises heart rate, and consequently, calorie burn. If you have a standing desk and you’re an active person I think you should give it a whirl. They’re $189, but I’ve always that anything you use is worth the price. If you don’t like it you can always send it back. They’re cool folks. They’ll understand.

Rugged and grippy.
100% recycled materials, and rubber grippers for safety on a wood floor.




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