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Here’s What ‘Too Close to a Grizzly Bear’ Looks Like (Don’t Do This)

Kaley Beausoleil is a wildlife photographer who’s not afraid to call out other photographers who make bad choices to get a good shot. While at Yellowstone National Park, Beausoleil recorded a group of people photographing grizzly bears from close range. She claims they’re all way too close to the grizzly. And we agree.

In Beausoleil’s video, you can see a line of people along a road, standing outside their parked vehicles. They’re watching three grizzly bears as they graze nearby. The grizzlies don’t seem to care that they’re there, but that could have changed at any moment.

One grizzly in particular moves closer and closer to the road and the gawking crowd during the video. One man in the pack of people that Beausoleil zooms up on from her spot across the road has the good sense to start backing away, and then the other people follow suit . . . except for that one photographer who enters the frame and settles in for the shot.

“I’m especially mad at the photographer,” Beausoleil wrote. “You want to be a professional? Act like one! Teach people to respect wildlife and give them space.”

The National Park Service (NPS) recommends that visitors stay a minimum of 100 yards (300 feet) away from predators like bears and wolves. While we can’t tell from the video exactly how close these folks were to the nearest grizzly, it sure wasn’t 300 feet.

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