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How An Exoskeleton Suit Could Help You Run Faster

A new study shows with the help of a robotic suit, runners can sprint faster. A team of scientists recently published their findings after trialing the exosuit on several runs.

The study comes from the Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics Lab at Chung-Ang University in South Korea. According to media reports, the exoskeleton is a wearable robot. This experiment used a series of metal cables to pull on the runner’s thighs, mimicking your muscles contracting. By aiding in this motion, runners were able to run faster. 

The team performed a series of 200-meter sprints and found with the exosuit, runners were 0.97 seconds faster. Based on their observations, when runners were going more quickly, they took more steps, which they say the suit enables. 

Watch a clip of the robotics team testing the suit:

The creators of the exoskeleton hope it will help athletes train.

Would you try a wearable robot?

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