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How To Easily Secure A Tablecloth

We’ve all gotten to a campsite, realized the picnic table was completely gross and then pulled out the trusty table cloth from our camp box. But we never seem to remember those little clips to hold it on. So the whole weekend you’re piling rocks on the edge of the table to hold it from blowing away. This is annoying and really doesn’t work well (don’t worry we’ve tried it multiple times)

tie downs for a tablecloth
Tie Downs for tablecloth

We have a quick tip to easily secure a tablecloth in place. Tie downs. You may always have these in your car or used them to strap down contents on your way to the campsite, so they will be easy to grab. From there you just need to wrap it around the table, connect the clips and pull on the tie to tighten the strap. It is best to use two tie downs, one on each side of the table to keep everything tightly in place. The tie downs are great because they lay flat and won’t disturb the surface area of the table or make drinks tip over etc.

If your tablecloth has grommets you can also easily use a bungee cord. Just attach the bungee cord to one of the grommets and connect the cord to the opposite grommet under the table. Once it is secure you no longer have to worry about it flying away.

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