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Mark Twain Lake in Missouri

Mark Twain Lake in Missouri

Camp Missouri: I’m talking to Mary Anne today. She’s the Park Ranger at Mark Twain Lake, and can tell us today about three of the campgrounds that are Army Core engineered campgrounds at Mark Twain Lake in Missouri. How’s it going today, Mary Anne?

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Mary Anne: It’s going great.

Camp Missouri: So, a couple different options for camping there. Maybe tell us a little bit about the different types of campgrounds that you have there at Mark Twain Lake.

Mark Twain Lake

Mary Anne: We have three campgrounds that are very accessible, very easy to get to. They are the Ray Behrens, the Indian Creek, and the Frank Russell Campgrounds. These campgrounds all pretty much have the same features as far as having electric at each site. The Indian Creek and Ray Behrens areas also have full hook-ups if a person wanted that, but generally, each areas has showers, restrooms, and parking areas. Generally there are playgrounds in the area. So, they all have all of the basic amenities that a person would need. And one unique feature about Frank Russell Campground is that it also have Equestrian Camping Area that also has an equestrian or a multipurpose trail connected to it, so it’s got some unique features of its own.

Camp Missouri: Okay. And are there any organizations around there where someone could pay to go on a horse ride, or is it all people bring in privately owned horses?

Mary Anne: It would all be privately owned. Folks coming in to camp and be near their animals, and not have to trailer the animals to get onto the multipurpose trail.

Camp Missouri: Okay. And what are some other popular activities at the lake there? I’m assuming pretty much anything to do with boating and fishing.

Mary Anne: Yeah, there are beaches nearby each of these campgrounds. Of course that’s a seasonal activity, but boating and fishing. Hunting in-season. We have a shooting range near the dam.

Camp Missouri: Great.

Mary Anne: There’s a Visitor Center that’s open year round with the exception of some winter holidays. So, there’s multiple choices for trails, and all of these other activities are available, but generally, outdoor activities. There are a lot of historical things in the region that might attract some people and give them day trips away from the campsite too.

Camp Missouri: Okay. And what are some of your favorite attractions in the area that might constitute a day trip from one of the campgrounds?

Mark Twain State Park

Mary Anne: Well, Hannibal has always got your Mark Twain history. There’s his home over there, and all of those related activities. The Mark Twain State Park, or the Mark Twain Birthplace Memorial Shrine is over at the State Park. So, those are a couple that would take up just an afternoon or a morning to go visit those. And then, not far away, we also have the Union Covered Bridge, so it’s one of very few left in the State, so it’s also a unique historical spot.

Camp Missouri: Okay, two more questions for you, Mary Anne. If you were going to spend just one hour at Mark Twain Lake, how would you spend your time around there?

Mary Anne: I think I would have to go for the (Unclear 3:12.8) Memorial Visitor Center. It’s located just at the south end of Clarence Cannon Dam. So, we’ve got awesome vistas. Veering vistas. Overlooks. The Visitor Center has really nice exhibits that talk about why this facility is here and also recreational opportunities. A lot of the environmental stewardship things are going on here. And also, some of the history of the area. So, if I were going to have just a brief period of time, that’s where I would go.

Camp Missouri: Okay, perfect. That sounds great. And if you could spend just one night camping at Mark Twain Lake, which specific campground and campsite would you choose and why?

Mary Anne: Well, everybody has their own favorites when they’re coming here, but if I were personally going to go, I think I would go to the Indian Creek area. It’s a little more secluded, a little more back in the woods, and a little more distance between you and your camping neighbor.

Camp Missouri: All right. Well, thanks for the tip, and thanks for chatting with us today, Mary Anne, about camping at Mark Twain Lake in Missouri.

Mary Anne: You’re welcome. You can get all of this information if you go to CoreLakes.us. You’ll be able to find this through that website.

Camp Missouri: Okay, perfect. We’ll provide a link in the post.

Mary Anne: Thank you.

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