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Camping Fern Lake Campground in Kentucky

If you’re looking for a great campground near Paducah, Kentucky – look no further than the folks at Fern Lake Campground. They’ve hosted campers who are both looking for a quick getaway – to groups traveling to the quilt show and Garden of The Gods. We had a chance to speak with Deanna from Fern Lake Campground – who filled us is on why this campground has been in her family since the late 1970s. Listen to our full interview here:

Fern Lake Campground Kentucky

Camp Kentucky: I’m talking with Deanna today from Fern Lake Campground in Kentucky. How’s it going today, Deanna?

Deanna: Fine.

CK: So, tell me how long Fern Lake Campground has been there and how you guys got started.


Deanna: Well, it’s been here since 1977, and my dad bought the property when they were building the Interstate through here, so we’re only a half a mile from the Interstate. It was an old farm and had been abandoned, and there was a house on the property that’s over 100 years old, but it was so grown up he didn’t even know there was house here until he started hacking his way through the brush. But anyway, he cleared it out and put the campground in. Our family has always loved camping, and so he was actually working for the State of Kentucky – where he was doing this on his time off.

CK: Oh, okay.


Deanna: Anyway, he put the campground in and, right after they opened for business, they closed the Interstate bridge for two years and rerouted traffic eight miles away, across another bridge. So, they were trying to figure out how to make money to pay off their mortgage on the land, so my mom started gift shopping the house and they had that for 11 years. But anyway, the campground is still here, and he’s elderly now and doesn’t come out much, but I’m his daughter, and so my husband I live here, in the house, and take care of the campground for him.

CK: That is one of the most endearing stories I’ve heard for the start of an RV Park. Thanks for sharing that. I love that.

Deanna: Sure.

CK: So, what are the most popular activities for guests who stay there?

Deanna: Well, we’re just a small Park. We do have a nice little fishing lake, and I’ve got outdoor games and basketball court. And I have a picnic shelter, you know, for people that want to use it for that, because I do have some camp clubs that do come every year and stay here for a few days. So that’s about it. I have a playground. It’s mainly for smaller children. And so, that’s about it.

CK: Okay, and if I were staying there for a weekend and I wanted to venture out and check out some attractions in the area, which ones would you recommend?

Deanna: Well, first of all, I recommend our riverfront, which has murals on the flood wall that depict the history of Paducah. Those are interesting. We have a really nice City Park and, in the summer, they have a really nice swimming pool. We do not have a pool here, but the City Park pool is really nice. There’s a lot of hiking in this area. There’s land between the lakes, and then there’s Garden of the Gods. I mean we’re close to a lot of hiking trails. There’s Tunnel Hill, which is a bike trail real close, and we do have some nice walking trails in Paducah too. The city has been working on. We have what’s called the Greenway Trail for people who want to bike or walk. And we have the National Quilt Museum that’s here, and a lot of antique shops, and lots of restaurants.

CK: Okay.

Deanna: And we’re real close. We’re about a mile from the mall and the movie theater in town and lots of restaurants, so we’re a good location. You know, close to a lot of things, but it kind of feels like we’re out in the country, because we’re the last exit before you cross into Illinois. So, there’s not really a whole lot on this corner, but we’re real close the mall and all the restaurants.

CK: Okay.

Deanna: It’s in the city, but it feels like the country.

CK: Oh, see, that’s the perfect mix. That’s great for a vacation. So I just have one more question for you, Deanna. If I was going to spend just one night in Fern Lake Campground, which specific campsite would you set me up with and why?

Deanna: Well, I have a lot of pull-throughs for overnighters, but then I have some sites that you have to back into that are back by our little pond. That’s why we call it Fern Lake. It’s a little three-acre pond back there. Well, four-acre pond. And those are my favorite sites just because they’re a little more scenic.

CK: Sure.

Deanna: So that’s where I would put someone that was just going to be here for one night and didn’t need to have full hookup. I have electricity and water at those sites, but no sewer hookup.

CK: Okay, perfect. Well, Deanna, thank you so much for talking to Camp-Kentucky.com about Fern Lake Campground.

Deanna: Thank you for calling.

CK: All right, take care.

Visit the Fern Lake Campground Website

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