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Massive ‘Well-Fed’ Bear Visits a Washington Backyard

One neighbor estimates that a black bear that paid a Bothell, Washington backyard a visit weighs close to 1,000 pounds. The absolutely massive bear came for the birdseed and stayed for the chill vibes, even as two neighbors filmed it from the safety of indoors.

“The question that comes to my mind is how did he get so big—what does he eat?” Mike Tveit said in an interview with local KOMO News.

Tveit’s neighbor called him over when she spotted the bear in her backyard. The pair filmed the black bear as it munched on some birdseed from a feeder it had pulled down, groomed itself, and lazed around until the neighbors shooed it away.

The neighbors told KOMO News that it didn’t take a lot to get the bear to go away. Apparently, after its afternoon snack and a rest, it was ready to head back into the woods.

Watch a black bear casually visit a Washington backyard here:

Neighbors didn’t seem overly concerned about the bear’s appearance, likely because the bear was the opposite of aggressive. However, bears remember where they’ve gotten free food in the past, and they often return to look for more.

Bears that get too comfortable eating human food and being around humans can become aggressive, so it’s best to lock up any bear attractants like garbage, birdseed, and pet food if you live in bear country.

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