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Mind Shift Gear Rotation 180 Backpack: Overview

Overview: Mind Shift Gear has been out for about two years now. They took a backpack and kind of looked at it and said, “What’s the drawback to all packs?” Well the drawback is that you’ve got to take the pack off before you can get anything out of it. They addressed that with the Mind Shift Gear Rotation 180 Backpack. Basically what they do, is take a day pack, and split it in half so it gives you instant access to your gear. You simply unload the flap, bring it around, and you have instant access to whatever your life essentials are. Maybe it’s a juice box for your child; could be a GPS handheld unit; or camera, or if you’re a birder maybe it’s binoculars. Whatever those things are, they’re readily available, instantly. Putting them away is just as fast. You never break stride. You don’t take the pack off and set it in the snow or the mud. You just keep going. You bring it around, open it up, grab your gear, tuck it away – boom. The second thing is that, since the pack is two separate pieces it can be worn separately by itself, just by unclipping it. If you need easy access to gear without breaking stride, the Mind Shift Gear Rotation 180 Backpack could be your solution.

<strong>Manufacturer: </strong><a href=”https://kahtoola.com/product/nanospikes/”>Kahtoola</a>
<strong>Product Name:</strong> Nano Spikes
<strong>MSRP:</strong> $49.95
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