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Review: New Balance’s Fresh Foam X More Trail v3 Has Plenty Of Cushy Sole 

When you think about a New Balance shoe, you probably tend to think about their range of classic, proven runners, or the optimal support of their line of walking sneakers and trainers. And you’re not wrong. However, we suggest you add one more to that list: great all-terrain running shoes. New Balance recently released the Fresh Foam X More Trail v3 and it’s a shoe for all types of outdoor activities.

Our first reaction when sliding into these shoes was just how comfortable they were. The Fresh Foam X technology gives your feet a feeling of floating without disconnecting from the ground below you. And that comfort hits right out of the box – from the first wear, the shoes feel perfectly broken in, the fit is true to size and the feet feel secure.   

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With an upper made of mesh and synthetic, these shoes are super breathable – and stylish, too. Like, from-the-trail-to-the-bar-without-changing-shoes stylish. Another cool element about it is that it meets New Balance’s green leaf standard: the upper is made of 50% or more recycled content, and at least one midsole/outsole material contains a minimum of 3% bio-based or 5% recycled content. Looks good and feels good, too.

For our review, we took these shoes out for mid-range runs (5-8 miles) through wooded trails with plenty of hills and longer runs (10-12 miles) on paved greenways, as well as some neighborhood dog walks. The treads provide solid traction and grip when out on the trails, while still feeling comfortable on pavement. New Balance’s Fresh Foam X technology is fully felt going uphill and downhill. There was great responsiveness from the shoes going downhill, as they absorbed the shock of a downhill heel strike, which can help you to keep a good pace during a descent trail running. The energy boost from the Fresh Foam X makes pushing uphill a lot easier.

If you’re a trail runner, then chances are you’ve destroyed your toe on a random stub or rock on a trail at least once or a hundred times. New Balance was thinking about those moments when producing these shoes. Their Toe Protect technology provides a much-appreciated guard for those precious digits on your feet. Also, the stack height of the shoe gives you a really nice lift off the ground to protect your feet from trail obstructions and is helpful when going through low-level water to keep feet from getting wet. That’s a lot of protection and punch for a shoe that only weighs 11.3oz (320g).

Whether you’re going far on the trail or getting in a morning jog near home, the New Balance Fresh Foam X More Trail v3 is more than capable of performing on multiple surfaces. Grab a pair, and let them help you push a little farther, move a little bit faster, or take those hills that are a little bit steeper.

Disclaimer: This product was provided to Outdoors.com for review purposes. The review is based on objective testing. Samples provided by suppliers or manufacturers do not guarantee a positive review.

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