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Yosemite Announces Plan to Address Chaotic Traffic Jams

Yosemite National Park is looking for new ways to handle its traffic problem.

This past holiday weekend saw long lines and full parking lots, with some days the park hitting capacity as early as 8 a.m.

The images and videos of the congestion went viral as visitors struggled to enjoy the outdoors.

According to a new release, Yosemite is now holding an eight-week public comment period to hear ideas about handling park access at their busiest times. To kick things off, they’re planning a public meeting on July 19, which will open the public comment period until September 6.

“The plan will address the intense congestion visitors are experiencing this summer and will serve as a guide to protecting Yosemite’s resources and ensuring a high-quality visitor experience,” said Park Superintendent Cicely Muldoon in a statement. “This is the opportunity to help shape Yosemite’s future.”

You can find more details about the meeting and how to comment here.

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