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You’ll Want to Hit the Brakes as These Two Bighorn Sheep Battle on the Side of the Road

The journey to Rocky Mountain National Park can be as exciting as the destination itself. Multiple canyon roads that run along rivers lead to the park, and sometimes, that’s where you’ll catch the best wildlife. A recent example is two bighorn sheep battling on the side of the road.

Check out this clip:

Wildlife photographer Seth Powell caught the video in the Big Thompson Canyon, which leads to the national park.

Seeing Bighorn sheep in the area isn’t rare, but catching two rams headbutting like this on camera is worth sharing.

The video also provides a reminder to be cautious while driving in areas with large wildlife populations. Besides protecting animals, these wild sheep in Colorado are some of the largest in the country and can easily top 300 pounds. 

According to the National Park Service, driving safely through national parks is as important as keeping your distance while on a hiking trail. In some parks, you could save an endangered species, like the desert tortoise found in Death Valley and Joshua Tree.

“Driving safely in our National Parks means more than just driving the speed limit; it means obeying traffic regulations, wearing seatbelts, and paying attention to the road,” says a post from the National Park Service on driving safely.

Unfortunately, vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of unintentional fatalities in national parks. On average, one person dies per week on a National Park Service road. The problem peaks in the busy summer months.

So take your time, and maybe you’ll catch something epic like these two bighorn sheep.

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