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SPOTTED: Rare Piebald Moose Exploring a Norwegian Valley

Norwegian photographer, Thomas Mørch, has spotted one of his most interesting subjects to date—a moose with a piebald coat. 

Thomas caught the magical sighting near his home in Hallingdal, a valley in eastern Norway.

In the photo, the elusive piebald moose appears healthy and prepared for the winter. He has a nice round belly, warm fur, and unique markings all over. He appears to be hunting for food in the deep winter snow. 

Piebald Moose
Photo by Mørch Foto & Villmarksopplevelser

These patches are due to “piebaldism”, a genetic mutation affecting pigmentation, which is a fairly common occurrence in domesticated animals, such as horses, dogs, and cattle. It refers to the melanin-forming cells in areas of the skin and hair. It can also occur in humans.

Thomas spotted the moose in the wilderness of Buskerud County after a sighting tip from a friend. “I have a friend who runs horses up there and the moose had been in his summer pasture for several days. I traveled there immediately, because suddenly he could be gone,” Mørch told NRK, a Norwegian news media station.

“I have never seen anything like it, and I have seen many animals throughout my photography career,” he said.

Thomas, who is passionate about local Norwegian wildlife, has shared many incredible photographs on his Instagram page. Follow him to enjoy some of his recent work, featuring eagles, lynx, and osprey.

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