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Incredible White ‘Spirit Moose’ Filmed in Canada

A beautiful and rare white “spirit moose” crossed the road in front of a pair of storm chasers and nature lovers, causing the women to tear up. The sighting was in Alberta, Canada, but the women have decided not to disclose their exact location in hopes they can protect this incredible animal.

Theresa “Tree” Tanner and Darlene “Dar” Tanner told CBS News that the experience moved them greatly, and they see the encounter as a good omen. As soon as the women spotted the moose on the side of the road, they pulled over to observe it from a distance. Another moose with more typical coloration followed the white moose across the road.

Watch the spirit moose cross the road here:

The Tanners told CBS that they spent a half hour to an hour observing the moose from a respectful distance, using the zoom on their camera to get some up-close shots.

“I had tears in my eyes and I told [Theresa], this is, like, a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I’m so glad we could share this together,” Dar says.

The white moose likely isn’t albino, since it appears to have pigment in its eyes. It could, however, have a genetic mutation called leucism, which causes “white coloration, white patches, spots, or splotches on the skin or fur.”

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